JumpBox, a young, up-and-coming software company, has released an updated version of its JumpBox platform, JumpBox 1.0. JumpBox is a virtual appliance that bundles server-based applications into a single, pre-configured unit, making open source software implementation as easy as, well, installing Office.While server applications generally take ages to install and configure, forcing you to drudge through the OS and database installation, application dependencies, and the application installation, JumpBox bundles the full stack together, eliminating the need to install and configure the individual components. A JumpBox offers the advantage of having a quicker, more simplified installation of a supported virtualization platform. It eliminates the need to run scripts or configure code, and allows you to set up and administrate your new tool through a web interface, ultimately saving you from a lot of trouble and frustration. JumpBox 1.0 offers two new Assurance options for registered users. These include easy local backup and restore features, access for full application customization, installation support, SFTP access for file upload and edits, and access to the JumpBox Assurance forums. JumpBox Assurance Basic provides these features, plus a license for a single instance. Assurance Silver provides the same features, but includes the ability to register updated JumpBoxes for 12 months, including register 5 instances and two support incidents. One thing users will appreciate is the interface consistencies between the different JumpBox applications. Interacting with a familiar web-based administrative console saves you the need to learn the architecture of each application in order to maintain it. This is part of what makes it a good enterprise option for those seeking to venture into open source. Businesses concerned about security need not fret; JumpBox conveniently performs security, backup and maintenance functions along with offering the traditional benefits inherent to virtualization, like improved server efficiency, portability, and resource isolation. Founded in July 2006, the JumpBox Library has grown over time to include a number of applications. Among these applications are Trac/Subversion, Wordpress, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, and PunBB. Oh, and don’t forget the trumpeted Joomla! application, which comes stock. The price for JumpBox Assurance Basic is US$ 39.99, or US$ 149.99 for the Silver.