Win4Lin Revamps its Linux Virtualization Solution

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Win4lin - The Best Way to Run Windows on Linux
Virtual Bridges, a leading provider of desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions for business, has launched version 5 of its Win4Lin Desktop virtualization system for running Windows on Linux. It includes performance increases it claims beats the likes of VMware Workstation and other competitors in the desktop virtualization market. Based on code that has been re-engineered since 2005, Win4Lin Desktop is designed to benefit home and personal users, as well as SMB and enterprise organizations by providing broad Windows application support, and by giving organizations the ability to run custom and vertical applications unmodified on Linux. Win4Lin Desktop was programmed with speed in mind. Knowing that one of the biggest complaints regarding desktop virtualization is its resource hogging tendencies and lack of speed, Win4Lin's revamped code makes it possible to eliminate the need for rebooting or maintaining a second PC box, and dramatically increases virtualization speed.Virtual Bridges has created a special Win4Lin Desktop 5 Ubuntu Edition in response to the distro's growing popularity. “Linux desktop computing has quickly become synonymous with Ubuntu,” said Dan Perlman, vice president of Marketing of Virtual Bridges.“We are proud to be able to serve the Ubuntu user community by making Win4Lin Desktop the best and easiest way to run Windows applications on Ubuntu.”

Win4Lin Desktop Features

Major features of Win4Lin desktop products include:* Runs virtually (no pun intended) all Windows applications from Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe and most others, including in-house developed applications* Compatible with the latest Linux desktops (Ubuntu, Fedora, Open SuSE, Mandriva and more)* A new Win4Lin Console for easy installation, backup and management of Windows sessions* Share files and documents between Windows and Linux applications* Seamless printing from Windows* Easy access to files on flash drives, memory sticks and digital photo cameras from Windows* Run Windows as a "desktop-in-a-box", full-screen or as "floating applications"“As more and more users look for better desktop computing models, alternatives to Vista, the need to bridge their old familiar applications over in the process becomes essential. Win4Lin 5.0 offers the easiest, most robust way to run Windows applications on Linux on the market today” said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges. “Not only is Win4Lin 5.0 easy, secure and robust, it also now offers attractive GUI-based user management features such as back-up and restore.”Win4Lin Desktop was picked as the winner in a LinuxWorld Magazine face-off review against VMware Workstation and was the winner of the LinuxWorld Expo Award for Best Enterprise Integration Product. They're keeping up their momentum pretty well with this new release, so we can expect to hear more from these guys in the near future. Head over to Win4Lin for more info.