BigBand Launches Next-Generation Personalized Media Services Delivery
As online users become more savvy, their demands for increasingly dynamic and interactive content can create quite a challenge for broadband service providers. Just where will they find the resources (and bandwidth) to make all that we dream of possible? BigBand Networks is fairly confident that they have the answer, as the digital video networking provider introduces a new media processing platform to help broadband service providers seamlessly transition from a broadcast video distribution model to personalized video delivery.

BigBand’s Platform in a Nutshell

The iBgBand Media Services Platform, MSP2000, as it is referred to, provides broadband service providers with "an evolutionary path to delivering personalized video services and harnesses existing infrastructure." Designed to be cost-effective, MSP2000 will deliver personalized video services, including IPTV, addressable advertising, higher-quality multi-channel HD and value-added interactive services.

BigBand MSP2000 Main Features

BigBand MSP2000 can be added to any broadband access network, combining IP networking capabilities with its rich media processing power. The network-based platform is deployable "across the headend and the hub," offering service providers increased flexibility and control. In addition, BigBand MSP2000 is full of other features aimed at delivering "a high-quality user experience," including: * Ability to launch personal media applications with greater affordability and higher performance * Robust ad insertion capabilities that enable scalable and seamless splicing * Network-based solution for an improved and differentiated subscriber experience * High availability for reliable IPTV and personalized video delivery * Smooth migration path for ad revenue growth from traditional to emerging models * Simplified video management that streamlines network operations * Open standards implementation that protects investment * Flexible architecture for quick deployment of incremental services

Big Digital Video Future

Using its rich media processing experience via an "innovative networking architecture," BigBand Networks hopes to enhance the quality of video services across cable, DSL, fiber and wireless access networks. A tall order, considering that by 2012 the global market for digital video networking equipment is expected to top US$ 2 billion. It's inevitable that current service providers are going to need all the help they can get to improve their service delivery expectations. Add to that the fact that video publishing has never been more popular, and you've got an industry waiting to explode. With a long history invested in digital video networking, BigBand hopes that MSP2000 is just the thing to provide a highly reliable and high-throughput method of delivering quality personalized applications. BigBand’s MSP2000 is currently in trials with service providers worldwide. The product’s commercial rollouts are expected in 2009.