Mochila Works to Broadcast Interactive Media

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Mochila,BBC,video distribution
Faster than you can say British Broadcasting Corporation, Mochila has announced their newest endeavor. Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, photo, and video content is now partnering with Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), the leading provider of locally-focused Web solutions for television and radio broadcasters. Through this partnership, BIM will provide Mochila’s high-quality rights-managed content directly to TV and radio stations in the 120 markets served by BIM.With privileged access to Mochila’s open-standard RSS Atom API, BIM will fully integrate with the Mochila platform, automatically connecting BIM’s content management and Web publishing systems to access Mochila’s high-quality rights-managed content.Via Mochila’s API interface, BIM hopes to provide its stations with direct access to relevant news from the Mochila content repository as well as to customize real-time feeds through this open standards XML-based API using keyword, category, byline, source and many other parameters.Mochila, of course, benefits from BIM's market among television and radio Web sites owned by Granite Broadcasting Corp., Journal Broadcast Group and Fisher Communications in more than 120 markets, including Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas.However, BIM must be overwhelmed, what with access to over 300 trusted content providers that include the world’s largest wire services, television, newspaper and magazine publishers, I'm sure they won't know where to begin.