We like to have fun on Fridays just as much as the next guy, so in closing this week we thought we’d take a look at something a little different.

present.io, the newest feature from the private, real-time sharing and collaboration solution provider drop.io, is an application which enables users to set up a multiple participant screen sharing presentation. Think: Webinars and group presentations. 

Drop it Like it’s Public (Don't Worry, it’s Not)

We’re pretty familiar with the benefits of real-time collaboration around here. Being able to work on projects at any time of the day with a team that’s dispersed around the world has been a crucial part of the flourishing content management age, so it comes as no surprise that the ability is being popularized down other avenues as well.

One such avenue is video and audio sharing. drop.io, an expert in this area, provides a platform from which users can privately share images, audio, video, documents, and other digital content in real time through unique, user-created and controlled sharing points called ‘drops.’

As the image below illustrates, once you place a file into drop.io, the team you collaborate with will receive the content through various outputs like e-mail, MMS, Twitter, widgets, RSS feeds, etc.

Each 'drop' is non-searchable, non-networked, does not require any type of account registration and can be password-protected and set to expire after a period of time, which means you can share exactly what you want with whom you want for as long as you want. Pretty slick, right?


Present it Like it’s Hot (Hopefully it is)

present.io is an exciting add on to the already pretty cool collaboration solution because it throws presentations in the mix. And live conference calls. And it’s hassle free.

With present.io users can set up a screen-sharing presentation and invite hundreds of participants. This sounds like it would be perfect for webinars or group presentations, as it instantaneously tracks whatever the presenter is doing on his or her computer.

On an even cooler note, present.io requires no downloads or installations, and comes complete with a text chat function integrated right at the bottom of the app so viewers can chime in whenever they see fit.

io or…

Some common, similar solutions include Adobe’s Acrobat.com and WebEx, which both show the presenter’s desktop during the presentation—something present.io doesn’t do. In a lot of cases this could be a downfall because presenters often incorporate webpages in their tangents, or other tidbits found on the Internet as last minute additions.

Still, we think drop.io and its new offering are solid tools, and could be viable solutions for anyone looking for a quick and simple fix. Check out what else the company has to offer here.