It seems like it was only yesterday when Google graced us with Chrome and the browser world subsequently went bananas, doesn’t it? That’s probably because it was only 8 months ago. Now, back for round 2 is our dear old uncle Google with a newer, faster release that includes over 300 bug fixes and a 30% faster browsing experience thanks to a new WebKit and Javascript update.

Now an official part of the stable channel, users can also expect the following, more apparent features from Chrome:

Improved New Tab Page: Though it was arguably one of the coolest features of Chrome’s initial release, a lot of users found the the thumbnails on the home page too revealing. Now you can browse without fear of the person nearest you finding out that you frequent Perez Hilton’s gossip blog by clicking the new Remove Thumbnails link.

Full Screen Mode: We missed you, F11 key. Now use every single pixel on your screen by either hitting F11 or selecting the Full Screen Mode option in the Tools menu.

Form Autofill: Don't stress about having to enter your information into the same form fields over and over again. Chrome now remembers it. And, if at any time you wish to clear out your info, you can do so in the Tools menu.

If you’re already using the browser, you’ll be automatically updated to the new version shortly. If you’ve just been convinced to try it, we don't blame you. You can get started here. Need more convincing? Check out a video of all the new features here