Mozilla Weaves Together the Web and Youg
Browser wars time! As they continue to evolve, it’s apparent that the long-standing few all have one goal in common: to become extensions of their users.

That may sound a little hokey, but it’s undeniable that the less thinking we have to do as we trawl the Web, the happier we are. Once again here to help shift the workload from user to browser is Mozilla (news, site), whose lab kicked out a solution called Weave several months ago. Essentially a beefed up password manager, the tool gets users into their preferred sites in one to zero clicks.

Sync It

Integration has consistently been a targeted area for developers looking to expand browser capabilities. Through the integration of the browser with online services, Weave is said to specifically explore the blending of the desktop and the Web.

Originally released about a year and a half ago, Weave's first component was called Weave Sync. The prototype encrypted and synchronized the "Firefox experience" across multiple browsers, which allowed a user's desktop, laptop and mobile phone to all work together. Bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs could all be synced, and the Firefox world hence became a brighter place for those curious enough to test it out.

Here’s an illustration of the concept:



Mozilla Weave Sync Overview

Re-Weaved for OpenID: Identity in the Browser

The re-announcement of Weave was made just recently, and came complete with a snazzy demonstration video. The solution continues to bolster browser identity, this time by making the identity an attribute of the actual browser window. Doing this allows users to log into an OpenID supporting site or a traditional username/password site without thinking.

The service enables this by syncing important information with the cloud. This way, once a user logs in to Firefox from any computer, all of their information will be automatically drawn up when they visit their preferred sites.

The concept certainly isn't new (think Facebook Connect) and Dan Mills, who speaks on behalf of the Weave development team here, urges us all to keep in mind that this is still a prototype that was thrown together in a just a few days. 

For the skeptical, you can keep an eye out for more news about the tool here. For the brave, you can begin to streamline your user identity immediately by downloading the Weave snapshot here