Though we are already 10 years into the new millennium, many educators are still only talking about 21 century teaching. Years spent discussing the merits of social media, interactive learning and collaborative instruction have slowly developed schools and technologies dedicated to delivering platforms that integrate and enhance the educational experience.

Optimum Online Learning = Omnium

Researchers at the University of New South Wales, better known as the Omnium Research Group, have developed Omnium, a new interactive learning network that embraces the interaction and functionality of popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, into safe and secure online learning environments.

In an effort to assist eLearning, the researchers sought to replicate the social platforms at which so many college students feel most comfortable. By heightening students’ academic engagement, researchers worked to tailor and personalize how they approached learning, while also giving them the freedom to decide how and where they learn.

Omnium Higher Education Software offers students the flexibility to learn from anywhere, while providing engaging tools and platforms from which they can discuss ideas, homework and class notes with friends, classmates and teachers.

Provide Safe and Secure eLearning Opportunities

eLearning, from iTunes University to online teaching portals to learning management systems, work to engage students globally, no matter their age, location or background. Such a universally collaborative and connective strategy has the power to unite students and their teachers through learning.

Omnium’s software merges e-learning with social networking, providing a learning environment where students can actively participate in classes by creating their own user-profiles, posting work in-progress and finished work, as well as participating in valuable class discussions - either via private live-chat sessions or written discussion forums with classmates and teachers.

Most importantly, and perhaps the greatest selling point to educators is the privacy and security that Omnium offers. The platform provides a safe and secure network that allows its features to be either completely private, or totally public, enabling students to have a private online presence in an e-learning community whilst enjoying the kind of online social experience with which they are quite familiar.

Expanding their Reach Through Sustainability

Omnium offers three versions of their software, free, lite and full and are available for primary, secondary and higher education classrooms. Already a plethora of Australian, British and Southeast Asian schools and universities are actively using Omnium with students, with hopes of furthering their software’s reach.

The researchers have decided to pay it forward, literally by using revenue generated by Omnium to fund further research and a variety of outreach projects, aimed at assisting and aiding developing communities through sustainable art and design projects.