Project Management with SharePoint Gets a Boost with pmPoint 7.0
BrightWork, Inc. today announced the availability of version 7.0 of pmPoint, their tool for leveraging SharePoint specifically for project and program management.

While BrightWork has certainly been evolving the product since its initial release in 2001, they themselves claim pmPoint 7.0 to be the most significant version since its debut. Now that the major updates have finally planted the tool on our radar, let’s start with a little deserved background information. 

pmPoint Basics

BrightWork pmPoint is a SharePoint 2007 add-on that aims to do the platform real good with pre-built project management templates, Web parts, dashboards, tools and lists. Broad adoption included, the add-on is available to deploy on your own SharePoint server, or it can be hosted online in a SharePoint environment for a monthly fee.

Designed for managing multiple projects, the add-on supports key processes:

Project Initiation: Setup each project with the right amount of process using one of the supplied customizable project management templates.
Single Project Management: Free up time for the project manager to track and manage every project to success by empowering team members with the capability to manage their own work items.
Multiple Project Management: Use Project Office dashboards to manage across multiple projects and programs.
Process Tailoring: Customize projects and templates to match the varied process requirements of different projects.
Capture and Reuse Best Practices: Support the capture of process tailoring efforts and the reuse of best practices from one project to the next. 

pmPoint On Point

Version 7.0 steps up with features like resource tracking capabilities, advanced cross projects reporting, KPIs, and charting.

"The features and functionality announced in version 7.0 today are geared toward helping our customers support the varying project management needs (from small to large projects) of the entire enterprise in one SharePoint based environment,” boasts BrightWork founder and CEO, Eamonn McGuinness. 

For the visual lovers, a quick movie. For the bullet lovers, a list of what you can expect in the new release: 

  • Resource Planning and Tracking
  • Intuitive Project Scheduling and Estimation
  • Microsoft Project Import, Export and Publishing
  • Custom Reports Configuration
  • Charting and Graphing for single lists and across multiple lists and sites
  • Visual Key Indicators for single and multiple projects' status reporting

The company also talks up the abilities SharePoint would not have without pmPoint. The list includes forms, lists, views, Microsoft Office integration and site collections. (For the full list, see here.)

Get Up Close and Personal

Regardless of their lack of major or "significant " releases, BrightWork's pmPoint has made a lot of people (other than Microsoft users) very happy, including Parker Drilling Company in Texas. One enthusiastic employee stated, "pmPoint is hands down the best integrated project management product for SharePoint." 

In what is probably an attempt to maintain such a heavy reputation in addition to reinvigorate their audience after such a long intermission, BrightWork is holding a live demonstration of the product on April 14th at 12pm EST. After the webcast, all participants will receive a recording of the demo, the associated slide-show and access to a free demo. 

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