It’s been almost a year since Google acquired JotSpot, a publishing and collaboration company founded in 2004 by the co-founders. Since the announcement, new customer registration has not been allowed and the service has gone stagnant. But recent whispering on the Web points toward Google re-launching the wiki service sometime in the near future. Last July Google announced its intention to integrate JotSpot into Google Apps. The announcement was reinforced by recent evidence uncovered by Tech Crunch suggesting integration is just around the corner. Finally, items that have peaked the blogosphere's interest of late include a new Google Apps service codenamed "jotspot" and the move of the JotSpot discussion board and help desk over to Google. The response as reported by Tech Crunch has been largely positive, with users anxious to give Google’s first foray into the world of wikis a fair shot. Expectations users have for the new JotSpot include: * better document management than the current Google Docs and Spreadsheets UI * solid integration with other Google applications, such as Gcal and Gmail Chances are, Google is listening. Before the switch to Google, JotSpot included a group directory, file cabinet, blog, forum, group calendar, photo gallery, poll, and to-do list. It remains to be seen how many of these features will avoid the chopping block. Between the new JotSpot and the online presentation application Google announced in April, we now have two enticing Google releases to look forward to. Are you a Google Apps user? We'd love to hear your input on this story. Scroll to the bottom of this page and drop us a comment.