You aren't interested in SharePoint, so our piece on 7 Must Read Articles for SharePoint didn't tickle your fancy. Instead, you spend your time in the world of open source.

Fortunately for you, so do we. At a time of tight budgets and whispers of interoperability are everywhere, open source is something you can't ignore. Whether your interest is Joomla!, Drupal, XOOPs, Alfresco or one of the many other open source content management systems available, we have the information to guide you on your path.

Here are five must read articles on Open Source Content Management Systems.

1. Now is the Time to Consider Open Source

Bad Economy Is Good for Open Source:  Word on the street is what's bad for the economy is good for open source. According to a recent survey, web content management is a key target for open source. Open source vendors rejoice, closed source companies nod in agreement and utter the magic word "interoperability." Read the article to learn more about the survey results and see how some vendors are working with it.

2. So Which One is the Most Popular

Survey: Most Popular Open Source CMS: This report on the most popular open source Content Management System was conducted by Water and Stone, a web development company specializing in open source solutions. The research was based on Rate of Adoption and Brand Strength. Who leads the pack? Read this and find out.

3. Need to Manage More than One Website?

Multi-site Management with Drupal, Plone and Joomla!: Enterprises tend to have more than one website and the need to manage them within a single content management system is critical. We took a look at the multi-site management capabilities of three web content management system: Drupal, Plone and Joomla. Who does it better? Read for yourself.

4. What's Happening with Joomla! Anyway

State of the Project Report: Joomla! Web CMS: Take a deep dive in the community of Joomla! Between license issues and striving toward a more open, welcoming process, the Joomla! community has had their work cut out for them. Along the way they've made mistakes, but they've also made a popular and powerful open source content management system that promises to only get better in the years to come.

If you like what you see, then our deep dive into the world of Plone -- coming soon -- will also be a must-read.

5. Even Microsoft is Getting in on the Game

Microsoft's New Open Source Web CMS: Yes, they have one of the most used platforms with SharePoint, but Microsoft isn't stupid. They know they need to play in the open source waters to survive. One of their first efforts is an open source web content management solution called Oxite.