Everyone knows that web content migration projects are not a lot of fun. They are typically time consuming, tedious and costly. What's worse is that you rarely get exactly the results you want.

Traditional approaches to content migration were primarily manual. Even the QA process was manual and time consuming. In most cases one used vast resources to simply cut and paste content into the new format, dealing with transformation and formatting issues constantly.

Other approaches included database to database copying and scripting using CMS APIs to move content into the new Web Content Management System.

The demand for affordable and effective automated solutions is everywhere. And there is an answer.

Join Kapow Technologies for an on-demand webinar: A New Approach To Content Migration

[Note: This is an On-demand event which you can tune into at your leisure.]

Learn how automated solutions can help you:

  • Automatically inventory content for migration
  • Easily extract all types of assets, including text, images, video and files
  • Transform and normalize your data
  • Discover and remove duplicate data

Soothe business users and put less strain on developers, register now and learn about a better way to migrate your content.