Acquia (news, site) -- providers of commercial support and hosting for the Drupal Web CMS, and Ruby on Rails platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Engine Yard (news, site) have announced a partnership to offer a managed cloud-based solution for Ruby on Rails (RoR). The partnership should allow developers who use the popular Drupal web content management system and RoR to create solutions more quickly.

Drupal + RoR PaaS Accelerate Time to Deployment

The open source platform-as-a-service market is gaining more momentum although it still lags behind the software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service markets.

First we had RedHat with its OpenShift and Mulesoft with its MuleiOn PaaS. Now Acquia and Engine Yard are offering an integrated solution that makes it easier for developers to integrate Ruby on Rails development into PHP-based Drupal websites.

Instead of focusing on the configuration and management of their Drupal and RoR environment, developers are free to spend time delivering core site functionality. In addition, because the solution is cloud-based, they gain the elastic scalability and enhanced performance typically associated cloud platforms. 

"We believe this partnership allows us to offer the best Ruby on Rails cloud solutions alongside our leading Drupal services," said Acquia CEO Tom Erickson.

Hybrid Solutions Emerging

There has been an emerging trend of sites leveraging both PHP-based Drupal and RoR to create sites. After about four months of negotiations, Acquia and Engine Yard have finalized the partnership and simplified what could be a development nightmare with multiple hosting companies and different support processes.


Engine Yard's High-level Platform Architecture

The new PaaS is likely to be popular with developers given the large developer community and utilization on websites. According to Acquia, a company co-founded by the Drupal Web CMS creator, Drupal is already used as the foundation for millions of websites and Internet-based applications.

RoR continues to be popular with developers, although the use declined slightly last year according to Tiobe Software, and the market has taken notice. 

In related news, acquired Ruby PaaS provider Heroku earlier this year and Acquia recently released Drupal Commons 1.6, an enterprise collaboration platform based on Drupal.