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Just in time for DrupalCon London 2011, Acquia, provider of Drupal Web CMS services, has announced the release of several new components to its Acquia Network offering. The general theme is helping developers manage and scale their Drupal-powered websites more easily. The package consists of a new dashboard, site-testing tools, training modules and more.

Improving Drupal Websites Through Easier Management & Skills Development

The newly-launched cloud-based applications are meant for use with Acquia Cloud, which is a Drupal-optimized hosting service for enterprises and developers.

The new subscription service is designed to help developers find answers, tools and support for their websites running Drupal. Peter Guagenti, Acquia vice president of services, is confident that the new apps will help publishers improve their Drupal-related skills and abilities.

Acquia Network subscribers gain access to our tools, best practices, training videos from recognized Drupal experts, and the collective knowledge of Acquia's technical team and partners.

Features are as follows.

Learning Opportunities

  • Insight. This tool provides Drupal-powered website owners an at-a-glance view into their sites, with metrics, analytics and other tools. Insight is a dynamic tool that shows information real-time. The app will also help users troubleshoot and solve problems, and will recommend courses of action based on Drupal best-practices. Insight is currently in private beta.
  • SEO Grader. This service, powered by Volacci, will review a Drupal-powered website against established internet marketing concepts. This includes SEO-friendly URLs, analyzing page structure for search-friendliness, and advice on Drupal modules that a webmaster can install for improved search performance and traffic.
  • Blitz. This is a self-service performance and load testing platform powered by Mu Dynamics. Blitz will enable users to deploy high-performance websites without worrying about the hardware choking on traffic spikes. Blitz can load elastically from different regions, can scale up to 1 million users or more. The tool can also be integrated easily with the development cycle.
  • Drupalize.Me. This service is basically a Drupal-focused educational library of videos developed by services firm, Lullabot. The library includes 335 videos with 149 hours of Drupal and jQuery training.

Acquia Apps Market for Drupal

Acquia has also pre-announced the launch of its Acquia Apps Market due out by Q4 of this year. The service, which uses the Acquia API, will let Drupal webmasters access software from developers and vendors for services and applications.

The beta program currently includes four applications cited above, and will also include four others: Mollom for spam blocking, New Relic for performance optimization, Mobify for converting sites into a mobile format, and Visual Website Optimizer for A/B testing.