Kentico Offers Developer Certification
Kentico (newssite) has announced a new developer certification for those who want to demonstrate their expertise with the .NET Web content management system.

Vendor Certified

A number of vendors offer developer certifications for their content management systems, Kentico being one of the latest. 

You can pick up all the certification details on the Kentico website, but here are the basics:

  • It's called Kentico Certified Developer
  • You should have at least one year of Kentico CMS development experience under your belt
  • Or you took the Kentico CMS 5 Certified Developer training
  • You can demonstrate understanding and experience in ASP.NET and the .NET framework, web interfaces, CSS and website deployment

The exam for this certification focuses on Kentico CMS 5, includes 50 questions and is available online now for an introductory price of US$ 199 (that will increase starting in October of this year). 

Success of any web project, including maximized return on investment and reduced time-to-market, is dependent on the ability of developers to properly leverage the functionality and capabilities of Kentico CMS.” says Thomas Robbins, the Product Evangelist at Kentico. “With the new certified developer exam we are able to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to recognize developers highly skilled in the Kentico CMS technology.”

Is Vendor Certification Necessary?

There has long been the question of how important certifications really are. If you have only one year of experience with a technology or took a really good course, does that make you an expert? Does passing an exam really qualify you as an expert? I can think of a few really good developers who didn't pass Microsoft certification exams -- it didn't make them bad developers.

Would it make more sense to spend your time and money on a Microsoft certification that would help you get work with a number of .Net based Web CMS vendors? Or likewise a Java certification for Java-based content management systems.

I single out Kentico here only because it's a new certification. But I am curious, do you think Vendor certifications are necessary? Do you look for certifications when you hire developers or select a Web CMS solution? Weigh in below.