Oxcyon, the harbingers of virtualization for CMS infrastructure have updated their constantly updating software. Centralpoint CMS Lifecycle Management v7.2.18 not only has a long and mystifying name, but apparently some new features too. We don't normally get excited about second order point releases and in keeping with this tradition and the with the requests of the company to "expect more," we're not. There is something interesting about Oxcyon's offering. Though we must admit that their messaging has challenged us in a somewhat unprecedented manner. To quote, "Centralpoint Virtual Lifecycle Management in enterprise content management provides an open source lifecycle management approach to give web developers the tools they need to manage multiple initiatives and a framework to accept new features." Now to be perfectly honest, we have no idea, whatsoever, what that means. What we can gather is that their patent-pending technology provides both content services and a distributed virtualization platform on which the services run. It is meant to enable clients to replicate and update the CM services layer across multiple and varying physical server environments. But Oxcyon are not an ASP, so clients may choose their own 3rd party hosting or deploy behind their organization's firewall. Oxcyon was formed in 2002, is based in Ohio, and lays claim to 200+ clients. Visit their corp website for fun videos and loads of background information on virtualization.