We talked about the big changes coming for MODx (news, site) earlier this year and now we are seeing those changes come to fruition. Beta 1 of the new MODx Revolution 2.0 is ready to download and test and there are some major changes in this open source web content management system.

Revolution 2.0

MODx Revolution is a ground-up rewrite of MODx. What that means is it's almost an entirely new content management system. Here's what we mean:

  • A Whole New Core: Completely new and as we said, built from the ground-up. This version uses xPDO, the database modeling framework.
  • Configuration is Wide Open: This cms seems made for configuration of every element possible from menus to install location to installation of multiple sites on a single core.
  • New Transport Packages: Installation and distribution is easy and customizable
  • MODx Manager: The new Manager is built using the MODx API, ExtJS, and Smarty templates, demonstrating how flexible the new core and API really are.
  • New user system: Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) security model is new, but you can still use the old system for previous installations, so you should be able to move to the new system without any issues.

We are only listing the tip of the iceberg here. You can get a list of all the changes here.

This release of MODx Revolution moves MODx 2.0 into feature lock-down.

Still a Beta, Bugs are Norm

Remember that this is Beta 1, so bugs should be expected. This version does not work with all browsers -- IE 7 and 8 be particularly troublesome, but they are working on it.

Also, there is no demo content, so you are left to your own devices to get some content in there to test this CMS out.

The MODx team does not, of course, recommend this beta for a production environment.

Want to Help?

To go along with the new beta, there's also a new development infrastructure built on the Atlassian solutions Confluence and JIRA.

And now that there's something to test, the MODx team is looking for developers to help out. If you are interesting in contributing, you can get more information on the MODx Contributor page.

If you are ready, go on over and download this PHP Web CMS and start to see the differences it contains.