What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...Yeah right. But in the world of content management, a name can mean a heck of a lot. So says Bridgeline Software Digital (news, site).

A "software" company can also provide services. There are more than just a few out there that offer both products and professional services.. But sometimes, having the word "software" in your name can lead people to believe you are all about the product sales.

This appears to be the thinking behind Bridgeline's decision to change their name from Bridgeline Software to Bridgeline Digital. According to the company the name change "draws upon the company's strategic commitment to digital and interactive technologies." And President and CEP Thomas Massie says, "We feel strongly that "Bridgeline Digital" is a more accurate reflection of the evolving mix of award-winning web-based products and services that we deliver."

Ok. Makes sense. Bridgeline still continues to offer the same iAPPS Product Suite that includes content management, web analytics, eCommerce and eMarketing, all bundled in a nice little SaaS solution.

But they also offer a number of services including application development, SharePoint development, information architecture and user experience design. And to be fair, many consulting services oriented companies tend to have the "digital" in their name.

The name change is effective as of March 23, 2010. You'll find Bridgeline Digital listed on the NASDAQ with the symbol "BLIN".