CMS Made Simple Launched New Version of CMS
The award-winning folks at CMS Made Simple released CMSMS 1.5.3, continuing their efforts toward giving higher profile Web Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Plone and Joomla! a run for their proverbial money.

This release primarily focuses on bug fixes with some new features thrown in to sweeten the pot.

CMS Made Simple v1.5.3 is a minor version increase for the web content management system. It's only been a month since the last minor release was put out. So the focus is not on new features and functionality, but fixing the known bugs.

The New Features

While the focus was on bugs, some feature requests were addressed as well. The new features can be grouped into a few general categories: enhancements to the TinyMCE implementation, changes to the news module, and administrative improvements to streamline the admin experience.

TinyMCE implementation improvements offer a more sophisticated editor:

  • Added support for configuring the third toolbar
  • Added option to show actual thumbnail-files
  • Fixed filetype icons in FilePicker
  • Implemented | as separator in toolbars
  • Fixed working of force-cleanup-on-paste
  • Fixed toolbars for front-end-usage

The news module additions offer better security for your unpublished material and a bit more administrative control:

  • Minor improvements to the articles tab in the admin
  • Now output a canonical URL in detail view
  • Changes to default templates
  • #3027 field definitions not deletable when entry is made using fesubmit.
  • #2941 (News) Extra-field not showing in detail-view.
  • Draft news articles are not indexed in the search module.

And the more general administrator extensions refine the admin interface to streamline access to more commonly-used features and de-emphasize those that are used less:

  • #1231 Make default templates use uploads/images/logo1.gif instead of images/cms/logo1.gif.
  • #2897 Moved Image/Thumbnail in content-page to options-tab.
  • #3025 News: new parameter, action=”detail”, which can be used to show a specific entry in detail-mode directly.
  • #3035 link from admin backend to the forge.
  • #3068 New plugin; page_attr that returns attributes of a page.

The Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release can be grouped into display-related errors such as what should happen when the default content isn't installed, session problems such as an attempt at fixing the pseudo-random logouts while there's no activity in the admin section and search issues such as further locking down content that shouldn't be appearing in search results.

All in all, this version of  CMSMadeSimple has been received happily by the community. There's a few bumps along the way with confusion over some extra files that should be removed after the update, but the addition of canonical URLs in news posts in particular seems a welcome addition.

For the full list of bug fixes and features, see Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.5.3 - Arecibo.