With the announcement of Telerik's release v1.5 of their Web CMS for .NET, we have a noteworthy arrival in the inexpensive CMS/Web Publishing market. Telerik's "r.a.d.designer" incorporates their exisiting "r.a.d.editor" (did they hire a Californian?) and builds an intuitive, easy to use CMS framework around it. This is a nice little packaged CMS that has a few hard to find features in the lowerend of the market. The feature list includes:
o template-based o browse and edit o site tree view o WISYWIG editing o copy paste o spell checker o Flash wizard o table wizard o static page generation o roles-based security o ASP.NET integration o Unicode support
One of the major gaps in the product is a complete lack of any sort of publishing process or workflow. The role-based security allows you to restrict actions at a high-level, but does not allow granular control over publishing. All changes are made public immediately. On the otherhand one of the nicest features is the ability to reuse and integrate external .NET controls. This is a very handy feature that allows developers to extend the application and make new functionality readily available to non-technical personnel via the CMS interface. See their Flash demo here.