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Even organizations with no concern for profit have Web Content Management needs, and it is this area that Convio has targeted with their next-generation content management system.Convio Content Management, also known as Convio CMS, is a full-featured and customizable web-based content management system that is designed to not only meet the diverse needs of non-profit organizations but also to scale up as the organization grows. Non-profit organizations are becoming more and more sophisticated and they are learning to leverage the Internet for fund raising, advocacy and relationship management. Convio looks to meet these needs and differentiate their offering by tightly integrating Convio CMS with their already well-known online constituent relationship management (eCRM) application. If you were to list the well-known non-profit organizations in the United States, the list would line up almost perfectly with Convio's client list. Convio's clients include: American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, Easter Seals, Farm Aid, National Association of REALTORS(R) and the Sierra Club. They've got some experience in these matters. Geoff Handy, Director of eCommunity for The Humane Society of the United States and another client of Convio's, had this to say about the newly available content management system:
"Convio's platform and hosted application model removes the technical challenges so staff can focus on our mission not technology -- yet still advance our online advocacy and fundraising goals."
Are you sufficiently intrigued? If not, here are some feature highlights of Convio CMS: * Structured content with flexible presentation templates that provide site administrators with control over the display of content. * Folder-based content organization for simplified administration and asset management. * Automatic versioning of content for quick rollback or comparison. * Custom approval flows designed to support each organization’s unique quality control process. * Fully qualified URLs for better search engine optimization and visitor experience. * RSS, Atom content syndication to extend content beyond the browser. * Dynamic eCRM campaign integration to present current and related engagement opportunities. * Consistent content categorization and taxonomy to help organize content and support content relationships. In a culture that seems to become more focused on the bottom-line every day, it is refreshing to see a company dedicate themselves to meeting the needs of organizations who value people over profit. If you are technology manager in a growing non-profit organization, head on over to Convio's site and check out their non-profit centric apps. Do you have experience with Convio's products or with managing content within a non-profit organization? If so, jump down to the bottom of this page and let us know what you think.