CoreMedia Enters Into New Partnership Expanding Reach to US Media Companies
CoreMedia (newssite) has reason to smile today. A new partnership with Internet Broadcasting will see their Web Content Management Solution offered to newspapers, television, cable and radio companies across the US.

When Customer and Partner Collide 

At CMSWire, we try hard not to focus on customer win stories because, well, everyone has them and they are all good. But in these times of cloud based solutions, the lines between customer and partner can often become quite blurry. The news today from CoreMedia is one of these blurry lines news stories.

CoreMedia has just announced a partnership with Internet Broadcasting (IB), a provider of local websites, content and advertising revenue solutions to media companies in North America. IB employed Perfect Sense Digital to help them find a web content management system that would replace their current in-house CMS.

Perfect Sense Digital evaluated over 20 Web CMS vendors and recommended CoreMedia based on their ability to provide mulit-site management, dynamic content delivery, integrated analytics, personalization and more. Basically everything needed for a Media company to offer an engaging customer experience.

Replace and Become ibPublish

The plan is to replace IB's current Web CMS, replicate some of the home grown functionality that needs to continue and build new capabilities. Once done, IB will offer a cloud-based version of CoreMedia Web CMS called ibPublish to all of its customers across the North American media market. This is very good news for CoreMedia who only recently set up office in the US and currently has 2 announced US customers (they do have more pipeline activity).

Glenn Conradt, Global Vice President of Marketing for CoreMedia, told us that CoreMedia did come a little later to the US market than some of the other Web CMS players, but he believes they came at the right time based on the capabilities demanded today, compared to what CoreMedia offers. 

He also told us that while IB will offer CoreMedia Web CMS in a hosting environment, they will also recommend CoreMedia for those clients who want an on premise solution. And Perfect Sense Digital has also come on board with CoreMedia as a new partner.

US Growth is Key

Web Content Management is no longer just about providing solid editing and publishing capabilities, we all know that. It's about engaging across channels and devices in a personal conversational approach. No better do we see that than within the US who is estimated to have 60% of the Web CMS market

For CoreMedia to pick up a customer who is also a partner, helping to promote and sell their brand across the US media market is an important step for the vendor to be successful in the US.