CushyCMS web content management
We knew it was coming and now it's here. Stateless Systems has announced a Pro version of their simply simple web content management system, CushyCMS.CushyCMS is a content management system aimed specifically at designers. It's easily implemented and enables designers to give editing capabilities to identified areas of a site at a granular level. This is not your normal every day CMS. It's light weight content management with a twist. A Beta version of CushyCMS was launched in early April and officially released mid-April. Since the beta release, more than 5000 Web Designers have signed up to try the system out.

CushyCMS Pro

All this activity apparently encouraged Stateless to get that Professional version they had been talking about out the door. The Pro version will cost US$ 28 per month -- it's subscription based -- and features support for branding (custom logos, colors and domain). There's no setup fee required.
cushycms pro_1.jpg

Custom Branding Page

cushycms pro_2.jpg

Sample Control Panel Page

New Features

In addition to the launch of the Professional version, the free version will get some new enhancements including: * Secure FTP support * An Improved WYSIWYG Editor * Support for Internet Information Server (IIS) and other Microsoft-based FTP servers. If you are a web designer looking for a quick content management solution, take a closer look at CushyCMS. And let us know how comfy you and your team find it.