Open-source JavaEE web content management (WCM) platform dotCMS(news, site) has released version 1.9.2, the second major version since dotCMS launched the 1.9 series in July 2010. The latest release continues the 1.9series emphasis on enterprise readiness, adding multiple features focused on performance, scalability, search engine optimization (SEO) and ease of use.

Cool Features, But What’s Up with the Release Numbers?

The Java EE-based dotCMS has grown in popularity since its appearance in2003. The company reports 250,000 downloads, an active developer community andmore than 1,000 client implementations. The platform, which is available in afree community edition licensed under GPL 2.0 and three subscription-basedcommercial editions, recently announced its latest major upgrade.

Don’t let the version numbering fool you -- version 1.9.2 of dotCMS includes significant enhancements. dotCMS product releases have a series, like 1.9,so Septembers 1.9.1 was the first major release in the series -- 7 weeks afterthe 1.9 was introduced -- and now 1.9.2 represents the second several monthslater.

The 1.9 series focuses on dotCMS rapid development platform, multi-tenantcapabilities and enterprise-level performance and the 1.9.2 release fits rightinto that theme. The release introduces several features, enhancements andfixes. 362 issues were taken care of with 1.9.2. Impressive. Notable new featuresinclude:

Learning Opportunities


  • Extended SEO Descriptions and Keywords provides low-level control over relevant SEO metadata.

Ease of Use

  • Online Image Editor supports editing images inside dotCMS with tools such as resize, crop, rotate, "save as" different image types and adjust hue, saturation, brightness and coloration of images stored in dotCMS.
  • New Image Renditions and Clipboard allows content editors to use edited versions of source images without having to store multiple versions of the same image.
  • Inline Editing eliminates the need to return to the admin portal to edit content.
  • Host Dashboard provides a snapshot of site trends and usage statistics.
  • Italian Language now supports translation into Italian natively.


  • Activity Stream Reporter provides detailed reports of usage and activity within the web CMS.
  • Auto Updater ensures users are using the latest version of dotCMS.


  • Page Caching allows an administrator to cache pages statically for a set period of time to improve scalability.
  • Cache Tags give web developers a way to statically cache arbitrary blocks of template, container, page or content code to increase page performance.

In addition, the release was benchmarked in on-premiseand Amazon EC2 cloud deployments, and shown to scale horizontally andvertically, an important characteristic given growing content sizes in manyorganizations.

Company representatives have said that the next major release, 1.9.3, isplanned for May of 2011. If it is as feature-filled as other releases in the1.9 series, customers will be excited.