DotNetNuke Offers New Editions, Developer Support for Web CMS

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DotNetNuke Offers New Editions, Developer Support for Web CMS
There's work happening over at DotNetNuke (news, site) these days. The open source web content management provider has not only switched up their marketplace for modules and add-ons, they've also come out with several new commercial products designed to make them a little extra money.

Community, Professional and Now Elite

DotNetNuke is an open source Web CMS built on the Microsoft.NET platform. Prior to this announcement, they had both a community and professional edition. They now add two new "elite" editions to the product list:

DotNetNuke Elite: This is the Professional Edition with just a little extra technical support, including Live Phone Support, priority trouble tickets, two hour response time, extended support hours, support on installing or upgrading the CMS and access to all source code.

DotNetNuke Elite Premier: Everything you get with Elite (listed above), plus increased indemnification against any third-party copyright infringement claims on the core Professional Services code and more flexible contract terms.

The Elite Premier edition is designed for enterprise requiring five or more licenses of DotNetNuke.

Add A Dash of Developer Support

To go along with these new editions, you can also pick up the DotNetNuke Developer Support Services. These services are available to organizations who have a professional license of the Web CMS, thus require some heavy duty support for enterprise level solutions.

Learning Opportunities

Types of services include:

  • Developer Mentoring
  • Phone an Expert
  • WCM Strategy Consulting

Billed hourly and available for purchase in 10 hour blocks, these are the guys and gals responsibile for building the DotNetNuke framework and Web CMS, so they know how it works. They aren't designed to replace your own development team, but to support it.

Just another step in the continued efforts for DotNetNuke to reach out and support the enterprise.