DotNetNuke (news, site) is having a good year. They have picked up a new marketplace for their .NET open source Web CMS and application development framework, added several new editions to support commercial clients and beefed up their developer support.

Add to that the latest version of DotNetNuke (5.2) which includes some very feature friendly Telerik RadControls and you would say they deserve an "A" for effort.

But they have one more piece of news they want to share with all of us. And that is that their Fusion partner program has really taken hold since it was launched three months ago. In fact, the program now includes 9 Gold Partners and 6 Certified Partners.

The program enables solution providers to deliver implementation services around the professional editions of DotNetNuke, supports the company's push to be the most used .NET Web CMS on the market.

DotNetNuke has chosen to focus their efforts on being the back-end for managing web information -- the web application framework -- and not to specialize in any particular area of web content management (like Interactive Marketing).

Will this focus be the right move as s continues to be redefined and re-imagined? We'll be watching closely in 2010 to see how they do.