DotNetNuke announces its updated and rebranded commercial marketplace for open source Web content management systems.

Over the years, the DotNetNuke Store has evolved. Back in 2009, the company phased out its DotNetNuke Marketplace in favor of the Snowcovered online library of third-party extensions. Now the Snowcovered site has been redesigned on the DotNetNuke platform and rebranded again.


DotNetNuke: The Store includes more than 10,000 extensions, modules and apps, and the store interface has been revamped for an improved shopping experience.

DotNetNuke Web CMS

Last year, DotNetNuke rolled out new versions of the company's open source Web CMS. Version 6.1 came out a few months later with the ability to create mobile websites. The company says that there have been more than 7 million downloads of the open source project.

DotNetNuke users can connect to the store through a feature included in version 6.0 and above called the DNN Extensions Catalog. Upgrades to installed modules are also available via the catalog interface.

The DotNetNuke software is offered as a free community edition and two commercial editions starting at US$ 2,998.

In the Store

The DotNetNuke store provides third-party add-on services. While improvements to the interface make shopping for add-ons easier, simplified screens help simplify the process of creating, editing and publishing product listings for vendors. According to the announcement, the store offers:

  • Custom form creation modules
  • Event calendar and registration modules
  • Media management and delivery extensions for video and image handling
  • Dynamic registration modules
  • Shopping cart solutions
  • Document management extensions
  • Modules that help users manage and display multimedia content
  • URL translators
  • Site design templates

The previous URL,, now redirects to