Drupal Wins First Inaugural Packt Hall of Fame Award

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Drupal Wins First Inaugural Packt Hall of Fame Award
This week Packt (news, site) is announcing one new award winner a day. Already they've revealed that:

  • Plone (news, site) won 2009 Best Other Open Source CMS
  • Drupal (news, site) won Best Open Source PHP CMS
  • ImpressCMS (news, site) won 2009 Most Promising Open Source CMS

Today's category is the 2009 Open Source CMS Hall of Fame. Starting with 2009, Best Overall Open Source CMS winners are no longer eligible to win this category (though Packt has not definitively stated whether this policy is just for this year or indefinitely).

Instead, all previous Best Overall winners (Joomla! in 2006, and Drupal in 2007 and 2008) now compete in the Hall of Fame category.

Speaking of winners, the winner of the first inaugural Packt Hall of Fame Award is Drupal. The Drupal project receives a prize of US$ 4,000 with this win. Second place is (obviously) Joomla!, which receives US$ 2,000.

Learning Opportunities

In addition to this main award, there are two new separate specialty sub-awards:

Tomorrow Packt announces the final prize, that of 2009 Best Overall Open Source CMS.