Early last year, IBM (news, site) integrated Ephox’s (news, site) authoring tool EditLive into Lotus Quickr and Lotus Web Content Management. Now, a year later and just before Lotusphere 2010, Ephox has announced that it has upgraded EditLive! with a new autosave function, templating abilities and context based collaboration.

EditLive v7.0

The new updated version -- EditLive 7.0 -- may appear slightly different for Windows users as the first thing that has been changed is the user interface.

The new user interface is a “sleek, modern, Web 2.0 inspired UI” and replaces the current one, which, according to Ephox, is “so 2002”. In this respect it might be worth seeing whether the new one works before we start dizzing the old one!

Aimed at a user-group that may not necessarily have much experience with authoring tools, the new makeover enables users to create content in a desktop word processing environment -- one that they are familiar with -- and gives easy access to features so that everyone will be able to keep wikis, blogs and company websites up-to-date.


Ephox EditLive v7.0 new look UI

Autosave,Templating And Collaboration

While that in itself is useful, there are three other upgrades in v7.0 that are worth noting. These include:


New functionality that the company says is unique to EditLive 7.0 preserves content even in the event of the web browser crashing. Available to all its customers -- even to OEMs -- it comes with the EditLive Professional Edition and doesn’t require connection to the internet for it to work.

All content will be preserved if your server session times out, you press the back button by mistake, you get disconnected or the page you are working on crashes for any other reason.


Again, playing to the novice gallery, V7 enables administrators to create reusable rich content templates that can be applied by users across an entire enterprise, ensuring consistent branding styles and standards are always applied.


Ephox EditLive Templating


New collaboration abilities enable users comment and follow comments on particular documents, document sections or objects on a given page.

ephox_context editing_2010.jpg

EditiLive 7.0 Context Editing

Tighter Integration and More

While the above features are the principal ones that Ephox is pushing with EditLive 7.0 there are others that should be popular amongst users.

These include:

  • Easier integration with Lotus WCM: EditLive is now deployed as an application directly in the portal
  • Copy and paste Excel content into EditLive
  • Relative sizing enabling resizing of pages for mobiles, or visually impaired by using relative units

Ephox also says that they have optimized caching configuration and compression features, which has the overall effect of boosting performance by up to 70%. 

And if it's the OEM version you are interested in, you now get some additional features only available with the Enterprise edition previously including Autocorrect (for spelling), Word Document import and a Thesaurus.

EditLive v7.0 has dozens of other features and is already available for purchase.