IBMs LWCM 6.1 ships with Ephox EditLive
IBM’s (news site) Lotus Web Content Management System is to ship with a second HTML editor following the announcement of a new OEM partnership with Ephox, the web content authoring software developer of EditLive.

According to Ephox (news,site), the new editor is for non-technical business users who do not know how to manipulate HTML and who are likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

As it stands Ephox’s EditLive gives users control over the entire authoring process. It contains Word-like editing features ranging from spellcheck as-you-type, to a track changes function. It can be customized and extended, having over 200 APIs. It also allows for integration with a given Content Management System or application platform.

New Editor Comes In Two Editions

The new editor that will ship with LWCM 6.1 is designed to ensure asset-rich web pages without having to bring in the developers.

It comes in two editions. EditLive for IBM WCM OEM edition includes a long list of upgraded features. EditLive for IBM WCM Enterprise Edition adds advanced productivity and collaboration features specifically targeting enterprises.


EditLive Image Insert:One of many upgrades and new features available with v6.1

While EditLive for IBM WCM has been on the market since 2005 and IBM and Ephox announced the integration of EditLive into IBM's collaboration software Lotus Quickr earlier this year, last week's announcement marks the first time it will ship alongside IBM's web content management solution.

In the future, with EditLive a part of LWCM 6.1, users will be able to develop personalized web pages allowing them target clients with up-to-date information and content, when and where it is needed.

It also integrates web content and sites – both front end web pages and back-end systems - into a single unified product without the costly processes of re-engineering and upgrading existing sites.

The new Enterprise Edition creates rich content, ensures online collaboration and guarantees content is compliant with accessibility standards.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Designed with an easy-to-use interface, the EditLive editor includes or upgrades features that were not available in previous editors.

Principal amongst them are: cascading style sheet support, XHMTL 1.0, Copy/Paste clean or styled, full screen view, online forms, as well as a user interface and dictionaries for multiple languages.


EditLive: Accessibility function

On top of these features, the Enterprise edition includes an accessibility checker, a thesaurus, auto- correct function, an equation editor and plug-ins for APIs that allow for customizing and extending the editor.

Users will also be able to link to IBM’s Quickr assets once they have installed LWCM. With Lotus Quickr users can create team spaces, blogs, wiki entries and other rich content.

However, the one obvious drawback is that IBM Lotus Web Content Management customers using earlier versions of IBM Lotus Web Content Management will need to upgrade to this new build -- 6.1 or later. In the current economic climate, this might be one upgrade too far.