EditLive! and New WYSIWYG Features for Non-Techies

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EditLive! Targets Non-Technical Users
Recently, Ephox, a provider of authoring software for web content, announced the latest release of its online rich text, WYSIWYG editor, EditLive! Everyone loves to make their software easy for the non-technical user. Probably, because the non-technical user is usually the one making the decisions. If we make them think that they could "quickly" and "easily" do anything, they feel more empowered.EditLive! is the WYSIWYG editor used by several web CMS, including IBM, Vignette, Oracle, EMC Documentum, Percussion, RedDot and Ektron.Why are "non-technical" users sure to reach for their wallets? Because EditLive! 6.5 features an image editing tool that helps "non-technical" users "quickly" and "easily" create compelling web content.With a "click of a button" -- another phrase that resonates with the non-techies -- you can crop, resize and rotate images, as well as create special effects like drop shadow, reflection and rounded corners. The new version automatically resizes and resamples to ensure web-appropriate file sizes. In fact, it intuitively does everything for the non-technical user that technical users usually prefer to do themselves. The folks at Ephox boast that EditLive! 6.5 "breaks new ground by enabling business users to create the sophisticated, rich and interactive web sites needed to be successful in today’s marketplace". Software that gives confidence to a layman user is very important. It's important not to alienate users, or to make them feel inferior to your product. However, letting them to get accustomed to the "ease" runs the risk of devaluing. And, therefore, undercutting the importance of experts, who are comfortable using "complicated software". Not all work is meant to be "quick" and "easy," and not all image editing is meant to be done with a "click of a button." Sometimes, it requires a trained eye and skill to execute commands that add value to a web site. Regardless, EditLive! 6.5 is chock-full of features aimed at improving usability, including the ability to customize the color palette for greater consistency, auto-correct for fixing common typing errors and added dialects for a total of twenty-eight user interface and international language libraries. In addition, all of the features in the latest release are included in the EditLive! Enterprise Edition, which focuses on addingadvanced productivity, multimedia and collaboration tools like the new image editor, track changes, thesaurus, auto correct and an advanced Java API library.You can learn more, take a tour, experience a live demo or download a free trial at www.ephox.com/products/editlive/. Prices and other specifications are also available.

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