Latest version of EditLive! for XML enables business users to create and edit XML content in a browser-based tool and provides developers with a graphical XML forms development environment. EditLive! for XML is the combines browser-based access, rich text authoring capabilities, and cross platform support. Version 3.0 also introduces a desktop edition of the forms development environment and a new form solution file format which decreases the amount of effort required to design and deploy XML forms. Key benefits of the EditLive! for XML solution:
  • EditLive! XML forms makes it possible to combine rich text (graphics, rich text, tables) with strict data types (numbers, dates, plain text) to leverage the best features of forms, documents and spreadsheets. Its browser-based architecture suits distributed systems with thousands of users.
  • EditLive! for XML also consists of a development environment for XML forms which reduces the costs and complexities of designing and deploying solutions for the contribution and editing of XML content.
Enhancements to the Visual Forms Designer for developers:
  • Standalone desktop application. A new desktop edition of the Visual Forms Designer enables quicker design and testing of XML solutions.
  • Faster deployment with new file format. EditLive! solutions can now be saved and loaded in a single ZIP-based file, which contains all the template (XSLT) and schema files required to load a form.
  • Simplified WYSIWYG editor. Template files, based on XSLT, are now created using an improved WYSIWYG editing interface.
  • Improved schema editor. Tree view of schema enables quick editing of the W3C XML Schema data model for the solution.
Enhancements to the Editor Control for end users:
  • Improved rich text editing. XHTML support now offers inline table and image resizing.
  • Spell check as-you-type. Users immediately see spelling errors in text fields. Custom words can be added to a local dictionary.
  • Improved display of validation errors. Errors are now indicated with a red border.
  • New software development kit (SDKs). For rapid integration with Vignette Content Management Server, JSP, ASP and PHP. EditLive! for XML is also available for Open Text Web Content Management server.
Evaluation versions are available for download from