According to Web CMS favorite Ektron, there's more to social networking than posting incriminating pictures of last night's beer-pong tournament or pasting witty comments and YouTube clips on your friend's profiles. The Ektron Intranet, which takes the ideas of popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and puts them in the office, enables the controlled, collaborative creation and managed distribution of business documents on the corporate intranet.Once deployed by an organization, the Ektron Intranet can enhance workforce productivity by allowing employees to create personalized information architectures that let them find the assets they need in a timely manner. Documents can be constantly enhanced through a feedback loop which takes advantage of discussion boards to gather observations from the employees using the documents. As a general rule, the corporate intranet should be a portal for finding employee information, educating employees on company policies, connecting various offices together, while defining and building a distinct corporate culture. The Ektron Intranet lets companies accomplish these goals while making the company's intranet a viable part of employees' day-to-day lives. "The last place most managers are going to think to look for ideas on how to increase workforce productivity would be Internet sites like MySpace or Facebook," said William Rogers, CEO, Ektron Inc. "However, as deployed on the Ektron Intranet, the same tools that make employees want to spend their personal time on social networking sites, will get them interacting on your intranet in a way that they are comfortable with and that has real business value," Rogers added. And so, on the Ektron Intranet, social networks become business-focused networks, "friends" become colleagues, and "groups" become collaborative workspaces, bringing social networking into the realm of the office and applying it to the business enterprise. Sounds good, but can I still "poke" my colleagues?