CMS vendors continue to update their applications to be compatible with IE7 and Vista. The supposed 85 percent marketshare of IE is definitely causing a real and broad scramble in the field. The latest in the wave of releases is Ektron's eWebEditPro+XML rich text editor. Along with IE7 support comes a host of new features sure to please the the content managers.Ektron's eWebEditPro+XML is a very popular browser-based web content editor that enables non-techies to author, capture and use XML documents and data. It also lets users create HTML, XHTML, and XML outputs, simplifying the web content management process for both Ektron's CMS products and those of many other vendors. Along with Internet Explorer 7 and Vista support, the v5.1 release of eWebEditPro+XML boasts a number of notable enhancements and functionality additions. The list includes: * Simplified Client Installation. Deploy client side installation silently and efficiently across your entire organization with the new MSI installer. * Unicode UI Dialogs. More robust localization of editor dialogs and code views. * Accessibility Enforcement Tools. Ensure efficient and compliant websites with built-in compliance checking and validation. Administrators now can enforce 508 and WAI conformance. Requirements can be adjusted to Strict, Loose, or None. * Accessibility Validation Tools. Both internal and external tools can now be used to validate the editor content. Options include an external Url, an uploaded XSD, or the default XSLT validation. * New Equation Editor using MathML. Create and edit mathematical equations for your website with the industry standard math equation editor. The equation is displayed as an image and the mathematical equation is stored as MathML within the content. * Enhanced HTML Table Editing. Content editors now get more control over classically tedious HTML table editing and customization. User can select where and how to insert rows and columns. The full skinny can be found on the company's website, or if you're attending the Gilbane conference in Boston, you can find them in booth #140.