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Feeling a little anti-social lately? Well then you won't want to hear this: Emojo has just released the next chapter in their Web Content Management Story. Their flagship product Affino NX eBusiness Suite has gone social. Social content management that is. And social networking. And social promotion. And social media. Has a battle for best social content management product been waged?With the release of these new "social" elements, the Affino eBusiness Suite is primed to offer an end-to-end solution to organizations looking to leverage the content created in their online communities to sell products or services.

So what's included in the Social Content Management package?

Features include: * Live Editor: An easy to use editor with new interface blocks for content such as jobs and classifieds. * Publishing Workflows: The ability to moderate content using workflows. Includes inboxes, notifications, notes and history. * Security and Lock-down: The workflow profile allows you to tune the contributor interface by locking down elements and actions. * Democratic Filtering: Community members have a say in the importance of content. Content will only appear if it's popular with the community, thus giving community members editor type priviledges. * Duplicate Tracking: Analyzes content and tracks duplicates by name, link, event and location. * Personal Content Profiles: Members have profile pages and their content (blogs, media, articles, links, directory listings, etc...) are shown on these pages Basically it's Affino Professional CMS + Affino eCommunity all bundled into one pretty package. And what a functional little package it is. Community members with a voice - novel concept, or just a different take on social media marketing techniques?

Social Content Management: New Concept or Just a Fancy New Term?

Don't be fooled, Affino is not the only vendor to mix and match content management with social and Web 2.0 elements (Fatwire, Alfresco, SharePoint), but are they the first vendor to introduce the term social content management? According to wikipedia, social content management is not a term. So what does it mean exactly? We like to think of it as the management of content contributed by the user community (e.g. User Generated Content). If most of the web content mangement systems incorporate social elements, then maybe we should adopt the social content management term officially. Who wants to be the first to add it to wikipedia?