eZ Publish 4.3 Release Candidate is Available for Testing

2 minute read
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If the forthcoming official release of eZ Publish 4.3 tickles your fancy, then you should check out the release candied eZ Systems (news, site) kicked out on Wednesday.

This candidate follows the beta 2 release—which eZ made available about a week ago—and should be the last pre-iteration before the final version is shipped.

In addition to fixes to the overall quality of the tool, some improvements you can expect to come with eZ Publish 4.3 include:

  • A redesigned administration interface
  • Improvements to RSS publishing
  • Better User Generated Content (UGC)
  • An enhanced Enterprise Grade Search Plug-in

There will also be full certification and support for eZ Teamroom, which has previously only been available as a beta extension. As the name implies, Teamroom is eZ's take on collaboration, and will including features such as collaboration management, content and information sharing, collaboration workflow, and document management. 

Learning Opportunities

Those interested can download the files here, and, as always, feedback is welcome.

As for the rest of this year, eZ mentioned that they'd like to focus on Digital Media, and how new ideas can be applied to Online Media. 

"The CMS is expected to handle and create value from the content not only for the web but in any channel for anyone," said Bertrand Maugain, eZ Systems' VP of Marketing. "Whether it will be about monetizing, adding visibility, reusing, [or] re-purposing content: all those actions that are to be done after the editing and publishing process will gain more and more importance and we hope to provide features for that. Old generation CMS, or page based CMS will be strongly handicapped in that respect."