If you are looking to get a little more insight into eZ System's web content management solution, eZ Publish 4.4, Ars Logica (news, site) has released a new WCM Compass Guide that should help you out.

Getting Past the Marketing

WCM vendor websites typically offer a fair amount of information about their products, but the reality is a lot of it is really nice marketing content. You can read it and get a good idea about the product, but if you really want to know the in's and out's, it's better to go to someone else who's done the homework.

Ars Logica is an analyst firm with a solid history in the web content management field and a number of WCM Compass Guides to prove it. This one is just the latest.

The Compass Guide to eZ Publish 4.4

The Compass Guide for eZ Publish has been created from a number of resources including:

  • A 172 page vendor questionnaire
  • Product demos held between June 2009 and December 2010
  • Extensive interview with customers

A couple of interesting points from the report:

  • eZ Publish has a lot of really good functionality designed to support the needs of publishing and multimedia companies.
  • It's a good fit for highly interactive websites and websites that have very custom requirements.
  • It is best for enterprise scale deployments and companies that have solid IT resources which can be committed to its implementation (or be prepared to bring in an experienced integration partner).

eZ Publish is open source with a commercial support offering, so you have to be open to the advantages that an open source Web CMS can do for you.

The report also mentions the organizational changes that eZ Systems has been going through over the past year, including getting a new CEO -- Gabriele Viebach -- in September of 2010.

There's a lot more detail in this report, including report cards for both business and IT covering a number of areas ranging from usability and marketing (business) to scalability and development tools (IT).

eZ Publish 4.4 was released in September of last year offering support for HTML 5 and a new Image Editor along with a number of other improvements.

The Compass Guide to eZ Publish 4.4 is free, you can get it on the Ars Logica website along with reports for other well known WCMs such as Sitecore, Vignette, SDL Tridion and Ingeniux.