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The eZ Publish system has received many updates from its developers. The latest release -- eZ Publish 4.0.1 -- has had over 300 bug fixes. While the fixes are plentiful, a significant fundamental issue with the URL aliasing system has been addressed as well.Yesterday, eZ released eZ Publish 4.0.1, 3.10.1, and 3.9.5. These new releases addressed many bugs that were in previous versions of the ECM. The company recommends using eZ Publish 4.0.1 for all new installations.

URL Aliasing Addressed

The developers for eZ Publish must have realized an issue with the URL aliasing system and decided to release an interesting fix: "All of the fundamental problems with the multilingual URL alias system introduced in 3.10.0/4.0.0 have now been corrected. The ezurlaliasmigration extension in the distribution is provided to migrate custom URL aliases as well as the URL history elements (as long as the elements are not corrupted, possibly from earlier versions or bugs that were introduced in 3.10.0/4.0.0)."
URL Aliasing

It is unclear as to what these "fundamental problems" were exactly, but this extension should fix them. The fix -- if a user wishes to update from a 4.0.0 and 3.10.0 version of eZ Publish -- requires the use of an extension that will migrate custom URL aliases and histories to the new system. The extension essentially creates a temporary database to hold existing URL aliases while the update does its magic. After that, the extension will re-import the URL aliases and the system will no longer have the problems that the developers were talking about. Speaking of URL aliasing -- the latest versions of eZ Publish also re-enable the ability to specify if a URL alias should be a direct or redirect link. Before, all aliases were set as redirects. Versions prior to 3.10 did no redirecting when the URLs were pointing to modules. It is nice to have more control over this though.

eZ Publish 4.1 Beta Coming Soon

While the 3.x versions of eZ Publish are likely at the end of their road (unless any serious problems arise), the company is looking to move forward with version 4. The company has stated that the 4.1 beta of eZ Publish will be announced soon. This version will add support for Sun Solaris 10 and Oracle databases. Also being added is a new editor and new multi-upload system.