eZ Publish Web Content Management
At the eZ Conference developer day this week, eZ Systems announced plans for the newest upcoming version of their web content management system eZ Publish 4.1. This latest version will have some new back-end support and enhanced user experience features. In addition, a new version of eZ Components was announced this morning which includes three new components.The Developer Day brought eZ developers from around the world together to discuss the various eZ solutions including eZ Publish, eZ Components and more. So what a better place to divulge the newest enhancements coming in the next version of eZ Publish?

Server and Database Support Enhancements

Operating System Support EZ Publish 4.1 will support Sun Solaris 10. Currently, you can run eZ Publish on most operating systems including Linux, Win32 systems and Apple; however they do recommend running Linux in the Production environment. They have noted on their site that some organizations may use Solaris, but it won't be officially supported until v4.1 Database Support In terms of databases, eZ Publish currently supports MySQL 4.1 or higher and PostgreSQL version 7.3 -- although this one hasn't been fully tested. The addition of the Oracle database -- from version 8 forward -- to the fold will likely please many organizations who have heavy investments in the Oracle product.

Additional Enhancements to v4.1

Along with the new back-end support features, v4.1 will have some new features that will enhance the user's experiences. These include a new version of the Online Editor and multi-upload functionality. * Online Editor: A number of enhancements to this editor that improve usability and the user interface. The editor will also support Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista and Safari. * Multi-file Upload: The ability to upload multiple files within the browser * Extensions for Password Expiry

New Version of eZ Components Announced

Announced today is the 6th version of eZ Components: version 2008.1. This latest version requires PHP 5.2.1 and has three new components: * Document: Convert documents between formats like ReST to XHTML and DocBook. Future releases will support more formats * Feed: Parse and generate RSS1, RSS2 and ATOM feeds; there's also support for iTunes, CreativeCommons and DublinCore. * Search: Provide a unified interface to different search engine back-ends, however at this time only Solr -- a search engine based on the Lucense Java search library -- is supported; future versions of the component will support new back-ends. You can read more about this latest release of eZ Components on their website. As for when we can expect eZ Publish v4.1 to be officially released, we can't tell you. But it doesn't seem that anyone else can either. We've heard everything from this week to last quarter. Until then, maybe you'd be interested in buying a book eZ has published all about v4.0?