Fatwire Content Server 7.5

It's been a little over a year since Fatwire provided any major upgrades to its Web CMS, but they have finally arrived in the form of Fatwire 7.5. This newest version has improvements designed to make content management easier, more efficient and automated. We particularly like the Site Preview Feature.

According to Fatwire, businesses are having trouble keeping up these days and they need their content management system to help them drive business growth without driving costs through the roof. That is what they claim this latest version of their Web CMS does.

Designed to automate the entire content management process, Fatwire Content Server 7.5 provides improvements in content authoring, site design, content publishing and delivery, web analytics and user participation. That's a lot of improvements in this new version.


“In today’s economic climate, web experience management is a cost effective method for improving customer engagement and communication,” said Yogesh Gupta, president and CEO of FatWire Software. “With Content Server 7.5, FatWire delivers best-in-class web experience management, so organizations can leverage their web presence to achieve their business goals with the greatest effectiveness and at the least cost.”

Fatwire 7.5 Features and Enhancements

Taking a closer look at the new features and enhancements in this version, we see some functionality that marketing departments will love, as well as the rest of the business:

  • Site Preview: Users can now set up and view future what a future version of their site will look like. This lends well to creating campaigns and implementing new sections or major updates to the website. You can also create start and end dates for content and web pages. Side by side preview is another nice feature that many website managers will love.
  • Customize Business User Interface: The interface is customizable by role enabling different business users to have different dashboards and functionality available. New search features include the ability to create custom filters.
  • Real Time Publishing: There's a new dashboard view into the publishing process which includes the ability to control content at a granular level and error prevention.On demand publishing is also now enabled with automated alerts and tracking.
  • Enhanced Search: Search has been enhanced for both the website and the CMS. Full text searching is now available on the content management side and advanced search capabilities have been updated on the website end.
  • MS Office Authoring: Now have the ability to author content in MS Office.

The enhancements do sound very good at helping businesses get more efficient at managing their websites. You can learn more about the latest version of Fatwire Content Server on their website.

Integration with Other Fatwire Solutions

Content Server is just one of Fatwire's many solution offerings. Recently they add content connectors for SharePoint to Content Server as a way of helping businesses work with SharePoint from within the Fatwire content management interface.

Other solutions you may need include Analytics, TeamUp Collaboration and Community and Mobility Server.

It's no wonder the Military wanted Fatwire as their Web CMS.