pligg social networking web cms
The name Pligg has been bouncing around on the wires quite a bit in recent weeks. Certain well-connected bloggers have been dropping the name and singing its merits as an ideal Web CMS solution for a certain type of developer and a certain type of problem. Want to hear more? Here's the Pligg lowdown.

Pligg - What is It?

Pligg is an open source web content management system (CMS) based on PHP/MySQL. You get the core product for free and some templates, modules etc... available to buy at the Pligg Pro Shop. The product started life as an English translation of Spanish CMS Menéame before blossoming into something else altogether...

What is Pligg's Angle?

Pligg has been called a Social Networking Content Management System. The platform combines social bookmarking, blogging, syndication and a vote-friendly editorial system as standard features. For an example of how the site can work for you, here's a nice link explaining how Pligg can be deployed to set up a democratic news-voting site.

Who's behind Pligg?

Damon Wirth and Eric Heikkinen co-founded the project in 2005. Damon focuses on development, while Heikkinen oversees the user interface design and serves as the public face for the product. A rag-tag bunch of code pirates from around the globe comprise the rest of the Pligg crew.

What's with the name Pligg?

We're guessing they thought their product was so darn hot, they could brand it with a name which conjures images of fat animals lolling in their own filth and people would still use it. Turns out they were right. Oh, and of course there's a nod to Digg in there as well, whose voting concept they leaned heavily on.

How easy is it to run?

You need a recent version of PHP and MySQL. No problem with that. But installation of Pligg also involves a bit of permission-changing and renaming - things of that nature. Any problems, head for the forums where the guys will do their utmost to help out.

Is Pligg going to change the face of the world as we know it?

It better. I'm getting paid for this plug in stock options (no, not really ... I only take cash). Go to Pligg to find out more!