Interwoven TeamSite Runs on Autonomy IDOL.jpg
Want a peak at the new innovations for Intewoven products? Autonomy (news, site) will provide them during the GearUp 2009 Executive Briefing Roadshow.

The Executive Briefing Roadshow is a series of one day events happening around the globe. These events will showcase both the Interwoven product innovations, which include the new IDOLized Interwoven Teamsite, and Autonomy's iManage solution.

GearUp for Web Solutions

You've probably been wanting more information on how Autonomy is going to support the Interwoven Web Content Management Suite going forward. Well it is official, Teamsite and its associated solutions are going nowhere, Autonomy has confirmed the Interwoven web solutions will continue and only get better.

During the GearUp day for Web Solutions you'll get the following information:

  • The vision for delivering Autonomy's Meaning Based Marketing approach
  • Plans to enhance the Autonomy Interwoven's web content management system
  • Plans to enhance Autonomy Interwoven's website optimization and rich media management solutions

Here are the dates to plan around:

  • April 14 - Palo Alto, California
  • April 27 - New York, New York
  • May 19 - Chicago, Illinois
  • June - London, England
  • July - Sydney, Australia

GearUp for iManage

For document management and law firm customers, there is a one day event for iManage, Autonomy Interwoven's solution set for legal document management.

  • Vision for delivering Meaning Based Computing platform to Interwoven's law firm and professional services customers
  • Learn about the enhancements to solutions such as WorkSite, Universal Search, Records Manager and Discovery Mining

Here are the dates to plan around:

  • April 16 - San Francisco, California
  • April 28 - New York, New York
  • May 20 - Chicago, Illinois
  • June - London, England
  • July - Sydney, Australia

With the acquisition of Interwoven now official, Autonomy is preparing to deliver on the new roadmap for the Interwoven family of products. There must be more than a few web content management vendors out there who are just a tiny bit concerned that Interwoven's web solutions are not disappearing into the darkness.

Will Interwoven customers be happy with the new solutions Autonomy is "gearing up"?