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Knowing how quickly things change in the Web 2.0 world, Bitrix needed only six months after the release of Bitrix Site Manager version 5.1 to make the next full version of its flagship web content management system available to the public. With version 6.0, Bitrix took everything that made version 5.1 successful -- and made it faster. v6.0 boasts increased development speed, quicker deployments and improved site performance. But haste alone does not a perfect release make, so v6.0 also includes new functionality in four different areas: web development, deployment, website performance, and user tools. Web Development * Components 2.0 simplifies the use of built-in and custom components by providing a configuration interface that allows developers to separate data from component templates. * A multi-purpose, embeddable component template engine is available that supports PHP templates, Smarty, XSLT, FastTemplate, and custom-made templates. * Bitrix Site Manager comes with ready-to-use modules that be configured to satisfy different web content management requirements while maintaining a consistent look and feel. Deployment Process * New composite components include forms, news sections, feedback sheets, bulletin boards, and help desks, all of which can be added to pages through a drag-and-drop mechanism. * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is addressed via automatic support for search engine friendly URLs. Web Site Performance * New Auto-Cache technology, supported by all application components, allows web projects to run faster on virtual hosting servers and be easily scaled for spikes in traffic. Fully Customizable WYSIWYG Editor * A snippet panel allows users to create and reuse pieces of code for site administration. * Interface dialogs have been redesigned and improved for usability. While working on all these new features, Bitrix did not forget its existing customers. Current installations of Bitrix Site Manager that have active support subscriptions can update to v6.0 at no charge. If you think that Bitrix Site Manager might be a fit for your organization, head over to the website for more information and a free demo of the application.