GOSS Release Web CMS Goodies in Time for the Holidays

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GOSS has announced a new release of its content managementplatform, GOSS intelligent Content Management (iCM). Version includes anumber of enhancements designed to enrich user content. 

What’s New in iCM

U.K.'s GOSS software has released new features for its usersjust intime for the holidays. The latest release includes several enhancements that augment and enrich their content without doing any extrawork.

Version includes a new feature that analyzes contentandsuggests external links and images that may be relevant .The feature canbeuseful for creating a “stickier” site. However, because the featureincludes anoption to import the content, it could encourage copyrightviolations. In additionto content suggestions, GOSS has also added alocation picker that integrateswith Google Maps. Users can specify alocation for content to providegeographic context. Administrators cancontrol the default map location, typeof map, zoom level and map size;they can also disable the mapping feature.

In addition to the functional enhancements, GOSS iCM nowallowsadministrators to schedule content changes. This gives users the flexibility to create and post content in advance that needs to appearat aspecific time, such as a press release or new regulation.Administrators nolonger have to worry about users forgetting to postcontent or middle-of-the-night content pushes.

Learning Opportunities

GOSS iCM is not a market newcomer. iCM has been indevelopment foraround a decade, but the company is primarily active in the UK.Despiteis age, its features seem to lag the more prominent vendors in the content management market. However, the company seems to be makingstrides in modernizing in platform.

Getting the New Release

The latest release is available now to existing customers atno charge. Customers that self-host the software can request the upgrade.