Have a Sneak Peek at SDL Tridion 2011

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SDL Tridion Makes New Friends, Brings SaaS to Japan
A community technology preview (CTP) of the upcoming SDL Tridion 2011 (newssite) is in progress right now and leaks of what it has improved upon and added are starting to surface.

A New GUI for the Content Explorer

One of the most noticeable changes for the Web CMS is that of the Content Explorer or Tridion GUI, which has been completely rebuilt. Julian Wraith gives us a good overview of the visual updates. A new ribbon toolbar appears to take a page from Microsoft making the toolbar options easier to see.


SDL Tridion 2011

Another big improvement is error messages directly within the interface. Here's a video from the Tridion Developer site that walks you through the new interface:

Learning Opportunities

What Else Has Changed?

The new GUI isn't the only change you can expect with Tridion 2011. Some other changes include:

  • A new GUI extension model using Javascript and .NET
  • The Event system has been changed to .NET
  • A new RESTful web service for Content Delivery
  • Changes to the CD web architecture which include MVC
  • A new Data Storage model and rendering service

The Tridion GUI will run on all major browsers and the iPad and iPhone and can be used on Linux and the Mac.

We are going to be doing a full Quick Take Review of Tridion 2011, so stay tuned for more details.