Hedgehog Development's release of Team Development 2.1 for Sitecore is a perfect example of how a technology partner can create a product that makes development and deployment of the Sitecore (newssite) Web CMS that much easier.

Partners Support Sitecore

Part of the reason some solutions are successful is because they have the support of technology partners and consultants who take what is built and create add-ons and/or products that support development and deployment of the solution.

Such is the case for Sitecore Web CMS. Hedgehog Development became a Sitecore Technology Partner in January of this year:

Hedgehog’s vision and experience in team implementations along with their commitment and investment in Sitecore technology has paid off in a unique solution”, said Sitecore Vice President of Marketing, Paul Markun, “The Sitecore ecosystem of solutions and partners is much stronger as a result of their efforts.”

Team Development for Sitecore

Hedgehog's product, Team Development for Sitecore 2.1 (TDS) offers the ability to improve development productivity on Sitecore solutions through integration with Visual Studio and associated source code management systems.

With TDS you bring all your Sitecore objects into Visual Studio to work on, connecting them with a source code system such as Visual Studio Team Server, Subversion or another Visual Studio supported source control solution. 

With version 2.1 there is support for multiple Sitecore databases, allowing you to collaborate and manage across a number of TDS projects. Another new feature in this latest release include HTTPS support for secure communications with Sitecore.


Team Development for Sitecore

TDS 2.1 works with Sitecore 6.0.1 and up, Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 and will cost you US$ 599 per seat (there are discounts for higher number of purchases seats).

If you are working on something more than a simple design and deployment with a number of developers, testers and other team members, the need for your solution to be under source control is a great and it's rare that you get this level of functionality from the Web CMS vendor directly.

You can learn more about Team Development for Sitecore here