Hosting Publisher-Centric TextPattern CMS Cheaply

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Textpattern Web CMS Hosting Host Color
Host Color, a Web hosting provider, has announced that it is offering hosting plans specifically for the TextPattern (TXP) Web CMS. Starting at US$ 3.99, this hosting package offers the space and bandwidth necessary to provide publishers with a concrete publishing environment.While TXP isn't the most talked about Web CMS, it does have its dedicated following of developers and publishers who swear by it. It might not feature the flair of WordPress or the functionality of Drupal, but it gets the job done."TXP is a great content management platform. Although it is not the trendiest one on today's CMS market, it is the best for journalists and for authors who need to create and publish text presentations. This of course includes academics and any other writers," said Host Color's managing director Alexander Avramov.

The TXP Hosting Package

Hosting packages at Host Color for TXP begin at US$ 3.99 per month, making it one of the least expensive packages. With that US$ 3.99, users are allotted 1,000 MB of storage space and 5 GB of monthly data transfer, but Host Color would be willing to increase those quotas if needed.Other features include TXP skins, AWStats, ZenPhoto gallery and domain registration for US$ 8.95.If TXP isn't the right solution, Host Color also provides hosting for other Web CMSs like Drupal, Joomla and MODx, and they range in price from US$ 2.99 to US$ 11.99 per month. Those users who do use TXP might consider Host Color as a prime candidate for their next hosting company, as this Web host specializes in TXP and that likely means better support in the long term.