Hot Banana CMS
Hot Banana Software Inc., a North American Web Content Management System (Web CMS) company, has recently added channel capacity in the EU marketplace. The Hot Banana CMS is now immediately available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Northern France. By signing Connexion Corporate Communications SA of Brussels, Belgium as a Channel Partner for Hot Banana software, they have taken their first step in Europe. "We’ve been looking for a multilingual, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use Content Management System for quite some time," says Peter De Boos, Managing Director of Connexion Corporate Communications SA. "Our in-house built system just wasn’t robust enough and didn’t have all the functionality our larger clients were looking for. So we started a full evaluation of all the Content Management Systems available and concluded that Hot Banana was the best for us. We were impressed with Hot Banana’s feature list. It’s very cost-competitive, with a lot of flexibility for integration and deployment, and it has excellent multilingual capabilities which are especially needed within our European region." "This is our first step into Europe and we’re very pleased to have signed Connexion Corporate Communications as a Channel Partner," says Krista Lariviere, President, Hot Banana Software Inc. "Hot Banana is poised to grow rapidly in a number of markets throughout Europe, and we’re very pleased that our demand-generating sales and marketing activities are now having an impact. This agreement is testimony to the fact that Hot Banana is fast becoming a Web Content Management System (CMS) that fulfils some very specific client needs - most notably, control of Web content and SEO or Search Engine Optimization." Focus on Search Engine Optimization Unlike other CMS systems, Hot Banana presents Web content in the most search engine-friendly manner, so that all search engines that crawl the Web can access a Hot Banana Web site in an unrestrictive way. This enables the site to achieve the all-important balance between organic search engine rankings on the one hand and a paid-ranking strategy.