Hot Banana Software Inc., a leading North American Web Content Management System (CMS) company, today announced the launch of Hot Banana 5, a significant version improvement with many new and innovative features designed to help non-technical producers of Web content, easily take total control of their Web site content. Hot Banana is launching its Web Content Management System at Toronto's FlashintheCan, Design and Technology Festival, and will be demonstrating the product at Booth # 12. Hot Banana 5 is the latest enhancement in a constant stream of improvements the company has made to its already solid Hot Banana Professional and Hot Banana Enterprise products. Hot Banana 5 has a proven ROI, saving time and money compared to the traditional programming ways of updating Web content. Designed with the non-technical user in mind, Hot Banana is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, feature rich Web Content Management System, providing easy access to the companies most valuable Web asset, its information. This allows organizations to develop a sophisticated Web presence on the Internet, Extranet and Intranet, or to develop campaign Micro-Sites, and then leverage the content to the maximum so that Internet sales and marketing campaigns are fully optimized. "Hot Banana is able to continually identify customer needs and as a result we've been able to add the most advanced features to help them manage their Web site content," said Krista Lariviere, President, Hot Banana Software Inc. "Our customers have been asking for Fortune 500 Web Content Management System functionality and features for the lowest possible price and now we're delivering with the arrival of Hot Banana 5. Hot Banana is ideal for sophisticated small and mid-sized businesses, helping them build a multi-langauge Internet prescence that is truly beyond their budget means. When combined with Hot Banana's 360 Degree Marketing Bundle and Search Engine Friendly Integration tools, then the client Web site can truly perform like a Fortune 500 company Web site - it really levels out the playing field for Internet marketing." Among the many enhancements announced by Hot Banana today are; RSS Feeds, HB Form Builder, Site Developer Express and FreeStyle, XHTML, CSS, and Accesibility compliance, Search Engine friendly tools, and the 360 Degree Marketing Bundle. 1. 360 Degree Marketing Bundle - Allows users to leverage to the maximum all of their Internet marketing efforts. This unique bundle includes Campaign Manager, Search Engine Referral Tracking and Reporting, Search Engine Landing Pages Manager, Email Signature Tool, and Communicator Advanced. 2. RSS Feeds (Inbound and Outbound) - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a dialect of XML1.0 allowing users to syndicate web content between Web sites. RSS Feeds can be pulled into a Web site (inbound), or provide Web content to other Web sites (outbound). 3. Site Developer Express for Micro Sites - Allows users to build Web sites on-the-fly. This is ideal for Franchisee, or Member-based organizations, as it maintains brand consistency. For Marketing executives, product specific or marketing campaign Web sites can be easily built to fulfil targeted search engine strategies. 4. Verity Search Integration - Comes with Hot Banana Site Search and allows popular MS Office documents and Adobe PDFs to be indexed and searched. This makes it easier for customers and employees to find the information they're looking for. "We have a strong professional interest in determining the best Web Content Management System for recommendation to our clients," said Brendan Kerin, CEO, SitePosition Search Marketing Agency Inc. "Content Management Systems are vital for large sites with deep, hard-to-index catalogue content, and/or dynamic or data-driven pages. We have performed our due diligence and market research on all currently available CMS systems, and we're fully persuaded that Hot Banana is the most comprehensive, search engine-friendly CMS system on the face of the Earth. It is robust, reliable, multi-featured, sophisticatedly simple ­ and virtually idiot-proof. We have no hesitation in recommending it. Hats off to Hot Banana!" Hot Banana Software Inc. is also today launching a channel partner recruitment program and will be seeking partnerships to cover North America, Europe and Asia. About Hot Banana: Hot Banana Software Inc. is an innovative next-generation Internet software company that has developed a leading edge technology to enable sales and marketing professionals to take total control of their corporate Web sites. Hot Banana was founded in 1999 by a team of Web and Internet marketing experts whose combined experience has directly contributed to the rapid growth of Hot Banana, making it a leading North American Web Content Management System (CMS) company. The Hot Banana approach is to be cost-competitive, easy-to-use, yet full-featured, allowing content to be managed as an asset that can drive profits and productivity. Profitable and privately held, the management team is committed to upping the ante and setting new standards in Web content management for current and potential clients. For more information visit Source: Hot Banana, Inc.