At the CFUnited 2007 conference, Hot Banana announced v5.6, the latest legacy-bearer in a string of Web CMS solutions. They couldn't have picked a better place or time, considering a major feature of v5.6 is its compatibility with Adobe ColdFusion 8.This means early adopters can expect to make good use of the soon-to-be-released ColdFusion 8 server platform, including AJAX features, layout tagging, Flex performance improvements, PDF doc manipulation and form generation, and all that other stuff we can't live without. Other novelties include: * CAPTCHA Web form validation * Rich Text Editor enhancements and Web form data integration with Netsuite (an SaaS-based CRM tool) * Seamless transfer abilities of Web form data to SalesForce.com and NetSuite * More integration with SFA and CRM vendors on the way Non-techies can also create multi-level Web forms with CAPTCHA validation on simple site pages or advanced landing pages, set up analytics or other tracking, and transfer captured lead generation data. These features require no additional programming or add-ons to implement. The 5.6 release only adds cream to Hot Banana 5.5, which expanded Hot Banana's reach into the marketing industry with marketing automation tools and SEO components. We thought this a clever timing move. And while 5.6 is low-profile in terms of hype, we think the CF8 compatibility will prove fortuitous as those early adopters look for a compatible framework on which to build their next great site. If this is a major draw for your enterprise, then by all means do come fry up some Hot Banana. If you've already dug into CF8, let us know what you think about the latest version.